Mickey Meets Mario

Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom. Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Here is a shot from our Disney World trip earlier this month. We decided to visit the Magic Kingdom during "Mickey's Very Merry Xmas Party". In essence, Disney closes the park at 7pm and sells a second admission price for those who want to attend the party (leave it to Disney to figure out how to get more money). Despite the price, the party is well worth it with an elaborate parade, fireworks and a hard to describe animation that uses Cinderella's Castle as a "movie screen". 

The castle show is hard to describe and there are a large number of scenes, pictures and animations that flash quickly before your eyes over a 15-minute interval. It is very difficult to describe, but it is quite amazing. People line up to get a good view about 90 minutes before the festivities start. It is extremely difficult to photograph given the lighting, speed of the animation and the crowds. I shot with my Sony NEX-7 at 6400 ISO and just kept shooting.

This is one of my favorite scenes. A 1980's depiction of an old-time video game (I think it may be Mario Brothers but could be wrong). If you ever have the chance to visit Disney World at Christmas time, don't miss Mickey's party.