Millinocket Reflections - Millinocket, Maine

The great thing about fall in New England is that the foliage is some of the best around. The biggest challenge is guessing when the leaves will begin to peak. This year, the foliage is coming much later than usual. My son and I decided to head up to Maine and drive into the heart of northern Maine. Using Bangor as our base, we headed up to Millinocket so he could do some research for a novel he is thinking about writing. We spent most of the day exploring the town and getting into some local color. Near the end of our visit, we found Crandall Park and discovered a different kind of color. Yes, peak foliage had reached Millinocket. Next to the park runs the Millinocket stream and, on the other side of it, the trees were showing off their beauty before going to hibernate for the winter. The stream was very calm and gave us a double dose of color.