Million Dollar Highway - San Juan Mountains, Colorado

North of Silverton, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Summer is just about over and fall is just around the corner. Last September, I joined my buddy Rick Louie's Fall Colorado Photo Tour to explore the foliage season somewhere other than New England. Colorado has always been one of my favorite places to visit, but I had never been there during the fall. The New England foliage and the Colorado foliage couldn't be more different. In New England, you have a larger variety in the colors, while Colorado is mostly yellow with some orange thrown in. The other difference is Colorado's rugged mountains that serve as a backdrop to Mother Nature's color display. 

Rick's tour is a terrific one that explores the area around Telluride. He takes you on some back roads that you might never visit if you are on your own. This scene is from the famous Million Dollar Highway just north of Silverton. This road is highly visited, but how we got there was memorable. Traversing over Ophir Pass from the Telluride side of the San Juan Mountains was an adventure by itself. Just one morning's experience that I hope to repeat in the future.