Monolith - Yosemite National Park, California

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California

I shot this image back in 2010 and it quickly became one of my favorite images. I was on a family vacation, and, as normal, I was up before dawn (and anyone else) and headed out into my favorite national park, Yosemite. The morning light was awesome, and I had the run of the Yosemite Valley with no one else in sight, except for the occasional bear. As I drove along the valley loop, I stopped at a few places, and wandered into this picnic area along the Merced River. Here I had a great view of El Capitan and its reflection. This granite monolith is such a great sight.

You might be wondering why, if this is one of my favorites from Yosemite, am I posting it only now. The truth is that I have posted it before, but, when I looked at it last week, I realized that I could do much more with it. Not only has the editing software improved greatly in the past four years, but my editing skills have improved also. So this is a re-edited version and I am much happier with the result.