Mount Babel - Moraine Lake Road, Banff National Park, Alberta

In case you were wondering whether all I shot in Banff were mountain reflections in lakes (I did shoot a lot of those), this photo will prove there are other things to shoot. On my first morning of the trip, a few of us headed to Moraine Lake. For those of you who follow my fellow photographers on Facebook, you may have noticed that the lake is a very popular and beautiful subject. Its location in the Valley of the Ten Peaks should give you a good indication of why it is so popular. The road leading to the lake also has some compelling subjects. My favorite along the road is the towering Mount Babel. I shot it back in 2006, and I made Jeff Clow look for the exact spot a couple of years ago. This time, it was easy to find and it had a special surprise for me. Overnight, a light snow had fallen, and when we first pulled up, snow flurries were in the air. Whenever you pull over to the side of the road in Banff, other cars stop, thinking you have found some wildlife. What they discovered instead was the sheer face of Mount Babel in all of its ruggedness. As I composed this shot, a small break in the clouds opened up and part of the mountain lit up, ever so briefly.