National Elk Reserve Sunrise - Jackson, Wyoming

Being a landscape photographer, you always have to be ready to chase the light even if you have a different destination in mind. In this case, the light found us. We were up at o'dark thirty and piled into the cars to make the drive to Oxbow Bend. Just outside the town of Jackson, near the National Elk Reserve, we encountered one of the best sunrises I had seen in quite a while. Needless to say, when you see this kind of light, you must stop for it and, stop we did. The clouds were perfect and Flat Creek's surface was a smooth as glass, with the added benefit of a low mist on the water in the distance. The biggest question in my mind was whether I should include the fence in the composition or not. Since digital film is free, I took a bunch of shots with and without the fence. When viewing the photos in the digital darkroom, I opted for the fence, as its silhouette seemed to anchor the composition better.