Navajo Tapestries - Navajo Canyon, Lake Powell, Arizona

I am sure that when you read the title of this photo, you were expecting to see one of the beautiful hand-woven tapestries that the Navajos were famous for. Instead of textiles, this tapestry was "woven" into the sandstone walls of Antelope Canyon by Mother Nature. 

This was on our first (and only) visit to Page. One of the must dos for me was to take a boat ride (the primary way to visit it) to see Rainbow Bridge National Monument. This 50-mile one way boat trip allows you to relax and take in some fabulous desert scenes on the shores of Lake Powell. As you near Rainbow Bridge, you enter some very narrow slot canyons, including Antelope Canyon. Upon entering Navajo Canyon, you are faced with the scene above known as the Navajo Tapestries. It gets its name for the mix of colors and striations which were created by a natural mineral process over the years.