Nemesis - Heublein Tower, Simsbury, Connecticut

I have a secret. There is a subject that is just miles from my house that has been my nemesis for years. I have tried to photograph this tower so many times, and I just can't seem to get what I want. This tower sits on the top of Avon Mountain and I can see it in the distance from my street. There are lots of views of it from the surrounding area and I have plenty of good shots of it from down below. The photo that eludes me is a close up shot. Despite being visible on one side, every other angle has something in the way, usually trees. To get there, it is a modestly decent hike, and you don't get a view until you are almost right on top of it. On the backside, the forest is quite thick with no view (on the right side of this photo). This is the best I have come up with, and I do think it is the best one that I have captured, but I am still not 100% satisfied. All that means is that I will keep shooting until I get the one I want. That is why it is my nemesis. 

I am sure that other photographers have that one shot that they can't seem to capture to their liking. If you have one, I'd like to hear about it.