New York Alley

Washington Square, Manhattan, New York

When visiting New York City,  it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of everything from the crowded streets, traffic, and, of course, the tall buildings that tower above you on all sides. The amount of sensory overload can be stimulating and overwhelming at the same time.

I remember one friend of mine who lived in a small town in Massachusetts who joined me on a business trip to the big city. We hopped on a subway train during rush hour and he was amazed that so many people could squeeze into one car. He whispered to me, "I think there are more people in this subway car than live in my town".  That sums up New York.

Anyway, despite the size and enormity of the city, there are quaint little pockets of serenity if you look hard enough. Like this small little alleyway near Washington Square. It looks like a great refuge from everyday life in Manhattan.