Newport Granduer - Newport, Rhode Island

The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island

Every time we visit Newport, Rhode Island, we end up visiting the mansions that line Cliff Walk. These architectural wonders are remnants from the Gilded Age, when the captains of industry built these opulent "summer cottages". The term Gilded Age was coined by Mark Twain to satirize the social problems of the times that were masked by a thin gold gilding. 

Perhaps the most visible disparity between the workers and the rich is the Breakers. This mansion boasts 125,000 square feet of space ("only" 62,500 square feet of living area), and was used by the Vanderbilt family during the summers. It is now owned by the Newport Preservation Society and can be toured daily. Photographs are prohibited inside the mansion, and the only place where they are allowed is from the second floor balcony that shows the view of Cliff Walk and the Atlantic Ocean.