Nice Rack - Bull Elk, Town of Banff, Banff National Park

Bull Elk, Banff Townsite, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Most photographers will tell you to have a camera with you at all times, as you will never miss a shot if one happens to appear in front of you. It is the unexpected photo opportunity that you will always remember the most. Just like this occasion, when we encountered this bull elk. First a little background. Jeff Clow and I had just finished our shooting together--five days of intense shooting. Jeff was heading home the next day and I, being a glutton for sleep deprivation, was heading north to Jasper for another three days of shooting by myself. We were heading to our hotel, and, as we passed the train station in the town of Banff, we spotted this bull elk sitting in the weeds. Being very careful (these animals are big and fast), we dug out our cameras that were put away for the day and began taking photos of this beautiful specimen. After about 15 minutes (it seemed a lot longer), the elk got up to graze a bit. I inched up behind a tree and was able to get this shot. I know he saw me with my head and camera sticking out from behind the tree, but, thankfully, he was more interested in munching on the very delectable (at least for elks) dandelions in the field.