Night Stroll - Venice, Italy

I will be honest—I don’t often shoot photos at night very often. After my trip to Italy in May, I plan to remedy that in the future. Walking the streets at night in two of my favorite cities, Venice and Siena, has me resolved to shoot more at night. Being a landscape photographer, I am often up well before dawn to catch a sunrise. By the time night comes around, I am usually pretty tired and spend it in my room relaxing and getting ready for the next morning’s shoot. Observing our workshop leader Nathaniel Smalley and his terrific night photos motivated me to spend my evenings out on the streets. I think of all of the photos I shot in Italy (and trust me, there were a lot), and some of my favorites are the ones I shot at night. Maybe it is the age and architecture of the cities that make them more photogenic to me or it is something new to shoot and someday master. I now see things in a different light (pun intended). This scene was just one of many that I shot and, shooting in a busy city like Venice, it took patience. Gondolas and boats still are active there and I think I waited fifteen minutes before the water became actually still. It was definitely worth the wait.