Nighttime at the Mill - Lawrence, Massachusetts

Stone Mill, Lawrence, Massachusetts

This was one of the first photos that I took after meeting the full nXnw crew in Boston. A few of the guys had come into Boston a day or two early, while Rick Louie, Chris Nitz and I were shooting in New York City. Mark Garbowski kindly was willing to pick the three of us up in Jersey City, and, due to a late start and hitting horrendous traffic outside of Boston, we didn't get to the hotel until late afternoon. The Boston guys were shooting at the Stone Mill in Lawrence, and, by the time we got to the mill, the light was fading big time. I was able to get a few shots in and then the light was gone. After putting my gear away and walking to gather with the guys for dinner, I spotted this window, and I noticed that the lights were on in the building across the way. Dinner would have to wait a few minutes while I pulled out the gear to shoot this image.