Oak Tunnel - Magnolia Street, St Augustine, Florida

A long road with with oak trees lined up on either side of it. The branches forming a natural arch over the road. Spanish moss hanging down from the branches. Early morning or late evening sunlight lighting up the tree tops and moss. If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, it describes many a southern plantation. These scenes make great photographic subjects. Whenever I head south, I look for these places to shoot. I wasn't expecting to see this earlier this month when we visited the Florida coast, but thanks to a friend, he told me that a street like this existed in St Augustine.

While not quite as beautiful as some of the plantations, it is still a beauty. No, there isn't a large plantation at the end of the road and the road is not your typical dirt road, but I will take it. If you visit St Augustine, make sure that you take a drive and find, it but don't look for Oak Street as you might think it was named, but rather Magnolia Street. Go figure.