Ocean Run Off - York, Maine

Nubble Light, York, Maine

No matter how well you plan a photography trip, the biggest unknown is always the weather. The NxNW crew's trip to Acadia this year proved that point. A number of us had pre-trip plans, with a small group shooting in NYC and another group shooting in Boston. We ended up north of Boston overnight as a full group before we headed up the Maine coast toward Acadia. It was clear the next morning that we would be fighting raindrops most of the day. Our first stop was to shoot Nubble Light in York, Maine. This picturesque lighthouse sits on an island a little more than a stone's throw from the coastline. It is one of my favorite lighthouses in Maine and I have shot it on a number of occasions. Unfortunately for the NxNW crew, they would not see the light in perfect weather. They still ended up with some great shots. I spent some of my time there shooting long-exposure images of the water flowing over the rocks, like this one.