Old and New - San Francisco, California

Did you ever have a photo that every time you see it, you say to yourself that I really should edit and post it? This photo, taken in 2013, is one of them for me. I used to travel to San Francisco quite a lot on business (my record was 10 times in one year) and never had a camera with me because I never had much free time. San Francisco has always been my favorite city and, since I retired, I can now spend as much leisurely time strolling its hilly streets as I want. Instead of moving quickly to my next meeting, I now can walk slowly and take in the nooks and crannies with photographer eyes. When I saw this scene somewhere on Market Street, I was taken in by how the four buildings lined up. Even more fascinating to me was the style and age of the buildings, from the look of the buildings in the middle exuding character of old contrasting with two new modern buildings on either side of it.