Old Trucks - Colfax, Washington

The Palouse is a region of farmland located in Eastern Washington State and into parts of Western Idaho. A number of my friends have asked me where the Palouse is, as they have never heard of it. Truth be told, it is a destination that primarily attracts photographers because of the landscapes of great rolling mounds and hills of farmland. After spending time there, it is obvious why non-photographers never heard of it. It is pretty remote with only a few very small towns. There are not many hotels and restaurants (my buddy Jeff Clow says it is a culinary wasteland), and, other than driving the roads for the scenery, not much for vacationers to do. One of the things that surprised me was the number of old car and trucks that dot the landscape. Another of my friends stated that the Palouse is where old vehicles come to die. This lineup of old trucks is just one of the spots that can been seen on the backroads.