On the Way to Moraine Lake - Banff National Park, Alberta

Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff National Park, Alberta

Did you ever have that one photo that you took a long time ago and wanted to reshoot it again? This was one of those. I took the original shot in 2006 somewhere along the road to Moraine Lake. The composition was okay, but I knew that it could be improved upon. I was with Jeff Clow and Cody Kahl, and, as we drove past this scene, I yelled "There it is!" Not wanting to miss out on the sunrise on Moraine Lake, Jeff said that he would stop on the way back. So, after shooting Moraine, we tried to find the exact spot of my 2006 shot again, but it proved to be elusive. Sure there were nice places to shoot, but they weren't THE one. Thank God Jeff is patient, and after about 10 or 15 minutes, I found it. Mission accomplished.