Otter Cliffs - Acadia National Park, Maine

Ruggedness defines the coast of Maine. While not all of the 5,500 miles (yes, you read that right) is rugged, a great deal of it is. While I haven't even come remotely close to seeing it all, I can't think of a more representative example of Maine's coast than Otter Cliffs. The best view, in my opinion, is from Boulder Beach, where you stand (or sit) on big round boulders catching the cliffs glowing orange at sunrise. In what might be surprising, the 110 foot high headlands is actually the highest on the east coast. While there are numerous locations to shoot sunrise in Acadia National Park, this my favorite. When you get here before dawn and you look out on the horizon where the Atlantic Ocean meets it, you anticipate the golden light lighting up the cliffs. To me, it is the quintessential Maine coastal scene.