Otter Glow - Acadia National Park, Maine

One of my favorite spots in Acadia National Park is at Otter Beach (aka Boulder Beach). As can be seen in this photo, the beach is not exactly your typical sand beach, but rather a bunch of large rounded stones that are quite difficult to walk on. I muddled my way carefully over the stones (I have taken a fall there before) in the hopes that I would have a decent sunrise, so that the stones would begin to glow golden. My first location was closer to the water but it turned out that the tide was coming in. Even though my boots were waterproof, the water went above them, resulting in getting both feet soaked. As a result, I moved back to this position and was rewarded with some great light. Not only did the rocks on the beach light up, but the Otter Cliffs in the distance also glowed orange.