Over the Edge

Niagara Falls, New York

Last week, I decided at the last moment to drive out to Niagara Falls (a 7 hour drive) and stay a couple of days to photograph the Falls. I hadn't been there since a family vacation in the mid-1990s and, at that time, wasn't into photography. I am currently taking a nine hour HDR webinar course with Trey Ratcliff and wanted to capture some images that I could apply my new found HDR skills. After the long drive, I stopped on Goat Island on the US side of the Falls for a few shots before heading into Canada. The weather was overcast but served to soften the normally harsh afternoon light. Armed with my tripod and a 3-stop ND filter to slow the exposure, one of the first shots I took was this 5-shot HDR image you see here. I am pretty happy with the results.

Niagara Falls consists of two falls: Horseshoe Falls (part of which is on US soil and the other part is on Canadian soil) and the American Falls. The two falls are separated on the US side by Goat Island. The best views of the Falls are from the Canadian side although close up views are better from the US side (as can seen in the photo).