Overcast, Rainy and Foggy

Harris Beach, Brookings, Oregon

Don't worry. There is nothing wrong with your computer's monitor. This photo is actually black and white on purpose. I know that the majority of my photos are color, as I love nicely saturated colors. I don't want anyone to think that I don't like B&W ((I do), but I believe that some photographers can see a scene and immediately see the B&W possibilities. Unfortunately for me, I am not one of those photographers. 

On this wet, dreary, day on the Oregon coast, I was determined to shoot despite the weather. To add some interest to the image, I took a number of shots with a long exposure. When I went to edit this, the color version wasn't good, even though I really liked the scene. I decided to try a number of treatments to bring out the felling that I had when I shot it. The B&W version really worked and conveyed the mood I wanted.