Overhanging - Charleston, South Carolina

Boone Hall Plantation, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

I am sure that many of you have seen photos of places that you immediately put on your bucket list to visit. Charleston, South Carolina, has been on my list for a very long time. We have planned to visit there quite a number of times, but it seemed like something always came up at the last minute and we were unable to go. Like most things worth doing, we were persistent and finally got to visit there last year.

One thing that attracted me to the Charleston area was seeing various photos of the area, many composed of rows of oak trees with great Spanish moss hanging from the branches. The best ones are early morning shots, when the mist and fog give the trees a great look. The first morning of the trip, I headed to Boone Hall Plantation in the hopes that the look would be there. The weather was looking awesome, but as I made the turn into the plantation, the gates were closed and I couldn't get the shot I wanted. We ended up visiting there later in the day, but the weather had gone south on me. White skies and no early morning light. I decided to take this composition instead, using the fence as a leading line instead of the road (the normal shot). This came out pretty decent, but now I have to revisit Charleston and figure out how I get that morning shot.