Oxbow Foliage - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Oxbow Bend is a classic photographer destination that has been photographed countless times. You never know exactly what you will get when you arrive there before sunrise. Sometimes you get some crazy clouds that are lit up beautifully above Mount Moran, and other times you can't get a glimpse of the mountain at all. Every time I visit, it is a new experience. 

On my last visit there, the foliage was out in full display. The typical spots to shoot from are to the right of the parking lot or down by the banks of the Snake River. While I dutifully captured those shots, I wanted to get a wider shot of the foliage. The challenge in getting the shot I envisioned was trying to balance two desires. First, I wanted to shoot with the early morning light. Second, I wanted the whole shoreline to be lit up in a way that would show off the foliage. That proved to be difficult, as the section I wanted to be lit was in shadow during the best soft light. I made my way down the shoreline further than I have been before, and from there it was a waiting game. Finally, the hillside lit up, and I got the shot. Because there were clouds that morning, I cropped the boring blue sky out, giving the photo more of a panoramic look.