Palouse Superhighway - Colfax, Washington

Steptoe Butte Foothills, Colfax, Washington

Thought I would have a little fun with the title of this photo. Since June of last year, I have been posting quite a number of photos from the Palouse. I won't bore you with the same facts about the region and how cool it is. I have also talked about how you can wander the roads in the region and can easily get lost, but then come upon a subject that screams at you to shoot it. There is one main highway that runs through the area, running from Pullman to the south and stopping in Spokane to the north. No getting lost there. This photo is more indicative of what you find when you want to explore. Dirt roads, not always wide enough for two cars, with no street signs. Many times you have no idea where the road will end up. Normally, I don't like getting lost, but I found so many abandoned barns, farmhouses, farm machinery and landscapes that I didn't care.