Paradise River - Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Narada Falls, Mount Rainier National Park, Washingtom

Mount Rainier is the main attraction in the national park, but there are so many other attractions that can get overlooked, namely waterfalls. There are eighteen waterfalls located in the park that I am aware of. Some require strenuous hikes to reach, while others are just off the road. I have a particular fondness for capturing the flow of water using long-exposure photography. Whether it is a photo of the waterfall itself or a stream running to or from it, I just love the silky look that the water has when taking the shot with a long exposure. 

This is an example of what I am talking about. Near the parking lot for Narada Falls there is a footbridge where a small stream flows that will ultimately go over the falls downstream. It is not a wide stream, and the morning light lit up small parts of it in a way that caught my attention. I played around with quite the number of exposures, and settled on a 12-second one that I thought gave the right amount of "silkiness" to the photo.