Park Avenue Destination

Courthouse Towers, Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

I remember the first time I visited Arches National Park in 2005. My son Greg and I flew into Salt Lake City and hopped into a rental car for a four-hour drive to Moab. I remember being in quite the bad mood as the airlines left my luggage back home and I needed it for the next morning’s shoot in Arches. When we got into Moab, we thought we would get a quick lay of the land in Arches. We stopped at the first parking lot, which was Park Avenue, and I immediately was back in a great mood.

Park Avenue is a steep-walled smooth sandstone canyon. There is a one-mile trail that runs the length of the canyon and when hiking the trail, you know why it was named Park Avenue (especially if you have ever walk down Park Avenue in New York City). Near the end of the trail, you get a view of the Courthouse Towers. On our recent cross-country trip, Greg and I recreated our earlier trip and the first thing we did was head out onto the trail. The weather was overcast but when we got close to the towers, the sun peeked out, casting a nice warm glow to the sandstone structure.