Passing By - Bug Light, South Portland, Maine

There are many lighthouses to be found in Maine (sixty five) spread out over the 5,000 miles of coastline, inlets and islands. With so many of them, everyone who has visited Maine has a different favorite. Names like Portland Head Light, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Nubble Light and Marshall Point Light are among those that often top the list. But what about the smaller unknown lights like this one in South Portland? Well, it certainly is not making any top ten lists given its size. It's original (and official) name is the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, but its size caused many to refer to it as Bug Light, which has stuck over the years since it was built in 1875. When photographing the light, there are two leading lines that are most common (from where I shot this) and from the walkway to the light. With a high level of boating traffic, just wait a bit, and a boat like this sailboat will pass by, giving it some added interest.