Path of the Glacier Trail - Jasper National Park, Alberta

After leaving Banff National Park, I took off on my own and headed to Jasper National Park. I had unfinished business to settle with that place. Back in 2006, I visited Jasper for the first time with my wife. We spent three days there and it did nothing but rain. I shot a little in between the raindrops but it was not conducive for photography (we still had a good time despite the weather). Fast forward to this trip, and I had one eye on the weather forecast for Jasper. Every day I checked, the weather forecast was different.  It was changing every day from rainy to sunny and back again to rainy. I finally gave up checking the weather.

The day I left Banff and drove up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper, the weather was glorious. Things began to change as I got closer and closer to Jasper. The clouds got ominous, and, by the time I got there, it was raining,  and the rain continued for the rest of the day and night. Still determined, I set the alarm for 4:15am, got up and looked outside (it was almost light if you can believe that). It had stopped raining, but was quite overcast. Undaunted, I headed for Edith Cavell Road outside of town, and headed for a hike along on the Path to Glacier Trail. I figured the overcast skies would allow me to shoot the three glaciers that are visible from the trail's end without any glare.

Everything worked out as planned, as you can see in the photo. The glacier on the top right is known as Angel Glacier. You can barely see it in this photo, but there is a small waterfall from the snow melt that is making it's way to Cavell Glacier on the bottom left. Finally, on the top left, you can barely make out the head of the Ghost Glacier. A landscape to experience. By the way, about an hour after I shot this image, the skies cleared, and I had great weather for the rest of my stay. Unfinished business finished.