Place to Relax - Hilton Head, South Carolina

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, Hilton Head, South Carolina

With all of the traveling that I do, sometimes people assume that I have been everywhere. There are plenty of places that I have yet to visit and the saying, "So many places, so little time." definitely applies to me. While most of my bucket list places are out west, I was able to check off Hilton Head a couple of years ago. We stayed at a Disney resort on the island (yes, it was a little weird staying at Disney with no amusement parks around) and we found it to be a great place to relax. Located about an hour north of Savannah and two hours south of Charleston (both were bucket list destinations), Hilton Head is a great place as a center of operations. Coupled with golf, fishing and beach, I can see why it is a prime vacation destination.