Potash Road

Moab, Utah

Another place that is often missed by visitors to Moab, Utah, is the drive down Potash Road. The road is roughly 17 miles long and runs parallel to the Colorado River. The scenery is terrific, with rock formations literally right next to the road, which is quite close to the river.  This area being a favorite destination of rock climbers, you can almost always spot them at various stages of their climbs. On this visit, we stopped for a while, and shot a few climbers as they ascended the sheer rock wall. About 5 miles from Moab, there are a number of petroglyphs that are visible on walls.

At one of our stops, I wanted to shoot an image that emphasized the steepness of the cliffs and how narrow the space is where the road runs (the Colorado River is mere feet to the right of the road). I also wanted to use the road as a leading line that would make viewers wonder what was around the bend.