Prince of Wales Hotel - Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Upper Waterton Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

My process when choosing photos to edit is probably a bit different from other photographers/bloggers. I don't typically edit all of my keeper shots right after I shoot them. My process is to review a trip's photos a few weeks after I return home, eliminating the rejects (obvious bad shots or redundant ones) and identifying any keepers that I flag. I may edit a couple of the keepers right away. After a few months, I go through them again and often add a few more to the keeper pile. I typically will wait a while to edit them after this second review. 

Why don't I edit them all right away? The easy answer is that if I edit them all at the same time, the likelihood that they may "look" the same is high. That is because a photographer's look and style typically changes over time. If you look at photos that I edited years ago, they look much different that photos I edit today. That is the result of my editing skills getting better, as well as the editing software improving over time. 

So how do I select photos to edit and post? I often think about a location that is calling to me and that maybe I haven't posted in a while. I simply look at my keepers that I identified on my reviews and select the one that speaks to me. It doesn't matter when it was shot. This photo of the Canadian Rockies was taken in 2006 and depicts the Prince of Wales hotel against a great backdrop that hopefully communicates the scale of the mountains.