Pueblo Glass

Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico

The Taos Pueblo is an ancient pueblo belonging to the Taos Pueblo Native American tribe. Most archeologists believe that the Taos Pueblo Indians settled along the Rio Grande and were descendants of the Anasazi. The Pueblo is approximately 1,000 years old and is located on a reservation of 95,000 acres with about 150 people actually living at the Pueblo. Taos Pueblo's most prominent architectural feature is a multi-storied residential complex of reddish-brown adobe. It was designated a National Historic Landmark and became a World Heritage Site in 1992. As of 2006, about 150 people live in it full-time. One of the first structures you encounter when entering the Pueblo is the San Geronimo Mission that was built in 1850. What struck me most about the Pueblo was that the only color in most of the Pueblo's structures was reddish-brown except for the light blue windows of the Mission.