Racing Against the Storm

Mammoth Hot Springs, Canary Terrace, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

No two national parks can be more different in landscape than Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The amazing thing about them is that they are located right next to one another in northwestern Wyoming. Grand Teton is one of my favorites, and I attended a photo tour there last summer. I decided to spend a few days by myself in Yellowstone before I headed back home. 

After spending a couple of nights at Lake Yellowstone, I headed to Mammoth Springs, with the hope to shoot Canary Springs during sunset. It was sunny when I left the hotel, and, 10 minutes later, I grabbed my gear and started to walk toward the springs. I noticed that there were dark clouds starting to roll in, and I thought that I had plenty of time. I didn't know how fast the rain was coming, but I knew I was in a race to get in a few shots. It turned out to be one of the fastest photo shoots that I had, and I barely had enough time to shoot a few brackets before the deluge would start. 

I decided to process this as a black and white, as I wanted to make sure the mood of the moment came through the image.