Remember the Fallen - Freedom Tower, New York

Freedom Tower, Path Station, Manhattan, New York

It has been almost a month since I last posted an image on the blog. My last post was before my photo trip that began in Colorado and was followed by stops in New York, Boston, and finally with the nXnw guys in Acadia. The trip was terrific, and I finally got to meet many online friends for the first time in person. Unfortunately, right after the trip ended, I found out that my beloved mother had passed. She has been the guiding force in my life, and, if the celebration of her life at her services are any indication, the guiding force for many others. Mom, you will be missed, and always remembered and loved.

I have been in a little funk since her service, but I know that she would be unhappy knowing that I was not doing the things that I loved. So here I am posting a photo again. I guess I picked this as my first post as many of the emotions that I have felt this past week were similar to those when I saw the Freedom Tower on the NY segment of my photo trip. I had avoided visiting the site of the World Trade Center since 9/11 because I commuted through there for 5 years, ending in 1992. Seeing the Tower in the eerie light and fog really moved me, and,  right after taking this photo,  I got a call to tell me that Mom had been admitted to the hospital. At that time, there was no inkling that she would be gone in less than a week. In any case, these two sorrowful events will forever be linked together for me.

For the best view, click on the image to see it against a dark background.