Reservoir Doors

Barkhamsted Reservoir, Barkhamsted, Connecticut

In January, I posted this image of the Barkhamsted Reservoir located about 20 minutes from my home. I have always been intrigued with this location and visit it regularly for either shooting or just plain relaxing. The wall and structure on this part of the reservoir is actually Saville Dam which, when built, resulted in the flooding and destruction of many buildings and farms of Barkhamsted, including the village of Barkhamsted Hollow.

I always wonder about the round stone structure in the middle of the dam with its small conical roof and great doors. This image is standing in front of the walkway leading to the doors. I sort of want to know what is kept inside this structure, as I have never seen the doors open in all of my visits there. I would probably be disappointed to learn what was in there and maybe the mystery would keep me coming back.