Right Around the Corner - Bloomfield, Connecticut

As we are nearing the end of summer, my thoughts turn toward the annual color display that Mother Nature puts on each Autumn. This is particularly true here in New England. Unlike the thousands of "leaf peepers" who travel here from all over the world, we New Englanders only have to look out the window to see when the peak colors are happening. The foliage can reach it's peak any time from late September to late October. I always feel bad for those who visit from other places who spend a lot of money and just miss peak by a week or two. Some foliage seasons are better than others depending on all kind of variables, such as rainfall and temperatures, but even the "bad" ones are pretty good. I can't wait to visit some local spots when the foliage does hit that are just around the corner from my home, like this scene from Pennwood State Park.