Rising Mist - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Oxbow Bend

What can I say about a location that is iconic and photographed millions of times over the years that hasn't been said before?  Almost every photographer that is semi-serious who visits the Grand Tetons will head to Oxbow Bend and take photos there. The serious ones are there for sunrise hoping to get the classic shot. What makes Oxbow fun is that the weather patterns often make what sunrise looks like so different on a daily basis. There are days when the clouds are so thick that you can't see Mount Moran, or the sun for that matter. On those days, sometimes a quick break in the clouds will light the top of Moran for seconds. Other days, like the day I shot this photo, there's not a cloud in the sky. Then there is the mist of the Snake River. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not. Then there is the wind that dictates whether you will get a great reflection in the river or not. I could go on and on with the variables. That is why I keep going back. I am never sure of what this iconic scene will look like.