Road Beauty - Banff National Park, Alberta

The famed Icefields Parkway. The most beautiful road that I have ever driven on. I am not alone with this opinion. The parkway was named “One of the 10 Most Beautiful Drives in the World” by Conde Mast magazine and “One of the World’s Great Scenic Highways” by National Geographic. The parkway is 140 miles long and every bit of it is beautiful in its own way. Towering mountains, pristine glacial lakes, glaciers and wildlife can be seen all along the road.

I had someone ask me recently how long it would take to drive it from the town of Banff to the town of Jasper. My response was "How much time do you have?". It always depends on how many times you stop to take in its beauty. It also depends on how long you stay at each stop. I think you could stop every five minutes or so, as every curve in the road (and there are lots of them) brings a different beautiful scene. If you did stop that often, it might take a week to get it all in. That's not feasible, so many of us return time after time to see what we missed. We also go back because weather conditions change so dramatically that everything looks different - different light, different mood, different weather, etc. I can't tell you where along the parkway I took this photo other than it was north of Lake Louise. That's the amazing part. There are so many scenes like this that it is hard to take it all in.