Road to the Tetons - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

What can you say about the Grand Tetons that somebody hasn't said already?  I am usually at a loss when trying to describe their beauty to someone who has never been there. These craggy mountains dominate the landscape and look different from almost every angle. I have visited these majestic peaks many times before, usually in the summer months. I visited the Tetons this past May and I saw them in a different light. As you can see in this photo, they were almost fully covered in snow. I had never seen them this way, and I think that they are even more beautiful with the snow covering. For this composition, I wanted to compose this photo in a way that would make the viewer feel like they were standing next to me  when I took it. I thought that using the dirt road as a leading line and shooting a bit wide would accomplish the goal. After I processed the image, it didn't feel as rustic as I wanted it to, so I converted it to black and white. Hopefully, I succeeded in creating the right mood.