Roadside Wonder

Undine Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

By now, you may be getting tired of Wyoming being that I have posted images from there for about two weeks. Next week, I will get back to my routine of posting from different locations. I wanted to give those of you who haven't been to Yellowstone an idea on how diverse the landscape is. This image is of Undine Falls and is located right off the road, requiring no hiking. As you can see in this image, the water flows from Lava Creek, plummets 60 feet to the rocks and then an additional 38 feet over the rocks. It is only one of the 300 known waterfalls in the park.

Just to prove the diversity of Yellowstone's landscape, check out this blogpost  from last week. Undine Falls is a mere 7 miles east of the thermal wasteland shown in the image. Pretty amazing.