Rockefeller Center Night - Manhattan, New York

Going through some old photos is always a kick and sometimes you come across a photo that you don't remember taking. This is one of those photos. I was scratching my head trying to remember why I was at Rockefeller Center. Finally, it came to me. I had taken a photo tour with Rick Louie and Chris Nitz in Colorado a few years ago and Rick invited me to join him  and Chris in NYC before heading to Maine for a NxNW trip. Once I remembered who I was with, it easily came to me why I was near this spot. For those of you who don't know Chris, he is a terrific photographer who sometimes uses toys in his photos. Turns out that there is a HUGE Legoland store that he had to visit. After spending an eternity at the store (I like Legos but not as much as Chris), I shot this photo. Great memories.