Rocky Mountain Ruggedness - Jasper National Park, Alberta

Columbia Icefields, Icefields Parkway, Jasper National Park

Of all of the drives I have been on, there are none more spectacular than the Icefields Parkway in Alberta. The road starts just north of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, and traverses through the heart of the Canadian Rockies for 143 miles until it reaches it's end in Jasper National Park. Along the way there is everything a landscape photographer would want:

  • Towering mountains covered in snow and ice.
  • Pristine lakes fed by snow melt that have such color they almost seem unnatural.
  • Glaciers and icefields wherever you look, and even one that you can walk on.
  • Waterfalls that rush by like New York City traffic.
  • Hikes that transport you to places that you do not want to leave,.

So, have I whetted your appetite yet? That is why, as soon as I leave Alberta, I want to go back. There is so much to explore and see, and the seasons and weather bring different looks and feels to the landscape.

This image was taken along a stretch of the parkway just north of the Columbian Icefields. I think it is a great representation of the drive and gives one an idea of what driving it is like. I processed this in black and white, as I felt it makes the ruggedness of the mountains and the parkway itself stand out more. For the best look at the image, look at it on a black background by clicking on the photo.