Round Roof - Endicott, Washington

In just a few short days, I will be driving from Glacier National Park to the Palouse. I am pretty excited to visit there for the second time. What is so exciting is that I will be with my best friend, Jeff Clow and, in addition, hopefully seeing the Palouse during the harvest time. I don't know if we are hitting it at the right time for the harvest but, rest assured, it will look very different. 

My previous visit was in June, when the landscape is a wonderful green almost everywhere you look. I don't expect to see much green on this trip. Instead, I hope to see (and photograph) the the golden colors of the crops grown there. The crops include the nation's richest yields of wheat and barley, lentils and chick peas. In fact, the Palouse region produces twice the national average of crops per acre. 

Regardless whether we time the harvest right (this side trip was an afterthought to the Glacier trip), I am sure it will be a great scouting trip. By the way, this is the roof of one of the round barns in the area.