Sailboat School - St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg Sailing Center, St Petersburg, Florida

When I was in St Petersburg last month, I went out before dawn and walked down the waterfront to shoot the very unusual looking Dali Museum. As I was shooting the museum, I heard a lot of noise off in the distance that was unusual for that time in the morning. As I finished up, I started back up the waterfront and the noise got louder and louder. It sounded like quite a crowd somewhere. As I turned a bend in the road, I discovered what all the racket was about. Turns out that there is a sailing school for youngsters in downtown St Pete. It was pretty amazing to see over a hundred sailboats on the water going in all different directions and crashing into one another. Sort of reminded me of a first year kids soccer game. The kids looked to be young teenagers and they were having a great time. The light was terrific, and I shot quite a few shots while enjoying their antics. Topped off a great morning sunrise.