Salerno Rooftops

Salerno, Italy

I have always considered Italy my destination of choice. There is something about it aside from the fact that my maternal grandparents were born there. I was especially excited about my trip last September in that I was going to visit the Amalfi Coast. The last time we were there, we opted to spend the day on the Isle of Capri. This time, we had just one day and had to choose whether to travel along the coast via a small tour bus or take a boat that would cruise down the coast to Amalfi. We decided on the latter and took a bus out of Naples toward Salerno to meet up with our boat.

I had always wanted to visit Salerno as it is my mother's family name and I am sure some of my ancestors originated from there. As we approached the city, the rooftops became visible. While it wasn't the golden hour, the light was still pretty good as I pressed my camera against the bus window. Luckily, I was able to capture the scene without any reflections from the windows or buses passing by in the opposite direction.