Sedona Evening - Upper Red Rock Loop Road, Sedona, Arizona

Just south of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the Upper Sonoran Desert, you find the resort town of Sedona. It is located at the south end of the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and is completely surrounded by the Coconino National Forest. Sedona attracts many different visitors to the area as it is known for many things, but its red rock formations that surround the immediate town are probably the main reason why it is visited. I had been through Sedona many times, but usually just as a pass through on my way to the Grand Canyon. I resolved myself that I would eventually stay a few days there to photograph this amazing landscape during the golden hours. That is when the rock formations are at their best, taking on an almost unreal glow in the rising and setting sun light. I was hoping to have some clouds to add interest to the scene but, as a local reminded (scolded) me, "It is the desert, you know".