Selectmen’s Bridge - Somesville, Maine

Acadia National Park is situated on the coast of Maine and actually is located on an island (Mount Desert Island). Many of the photos of Acadia feature the amazing rugged coast and some impressive lakes. The island is not only home to the park, but also has some great small harbor towns where many of the lobster fishermen live and go out of. In addition to these sights, there are some locations that have a unique feature. One of my favorites is this small footbridge in the town of Somesville. It is often photographed from the front and one of my favorite photos is from that vantage point. I have often taken photos from behind the footbridge, but have never been satisfied with the result. On this day, everything seemed to work in my favor. The sun was at a great angle and lit up the scene wonderfully with an equal dose of light and shadow. The foliage was peaking on a few of the trees and a few of my friends can be seen in the background shooting the footbridge from the front. The footbridge is attached to a small building that was constructed during the 1780s and is known as the Selectman's Building.