Shining Brightly - Gold Beach, Oregon

The Oregon Coast, particularly the central and southern portions, have outstanding beaches and rugged landscapes. After multiple trips there, I think that this particular stretch of beach, just south of Gold Beach, is my favorite. The first glimpse of this area, called Myers Creek, is when you drive down Route 101 through the trees and the mountains. The first thought that enters your mind as you round the corner and see the landscape is "Wow". For that reason, I always anticipate my next visit and, thankfully, in two weeks I will back there while co-hosting an Oregon Coast Photo Tour with my buddy, Jeff Clow.

This photo of Back Rock was taken one morning looking north. It is not a sunrise location as the cliffs to my right block the the sun at that time. When the sun does clear the cliffs, the golden morning sun turns Black Rock into Gold Rock as it begins to shine brightly.