Side Trip

Reflection Lake, Lassen Volcanic National California

This past August, my son and I drove south from Portland heading for the city by the bay. We stopped overnight in Redding, California, hoping that the weather would hold up so we could take a side trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park. The drive from Redding was about 45 minutes, but since my son isn't a morning person, we didn't get to the park until 9 am. We would have stayed closer, but there isn't lodging near or in the park. We came into the park at the northern entrance, and stopped at the very small station there to find out the main attractions to visit (I know that I violated the scouting requirement of photography). I wandered across the street and found this view of Reflection Lake staring me in the face. The lake is named for the reflection of Mount Lassen. Unfortunately, the reflection is viewed from the other side of the lake, and is best reflected in evening light, both conditions that I did not meet. I will remember that for next time.